For the senior most leaders to model Transformational leadership themselves they need to enter into an activity which allows them to participate in their own vertical development. Vertical development refers to those activities that challenge your habitual thinking patterns, develop greater awareness of limiting patterns, beliefs, conceptual frameworks, and provides new ways of thinking and reflecting.  This type of activity is best done in Peer coaching groups where senior executives function as thinking partners with each other working towards breakthroughs on work-related issues.  The focus is not on traditional problem solving but on a process that challenges our current paradigms, supports experimentation with new more expansive ones and leads to new more strategic perspectives and approaches.
Peer coaching can be introduced for leaders providing them with a forum and process to disrupt current thinking open to new ways of thinking and new perspectives. Introspection, personal growth and self-awareness are followed by new actions on real work-related issues and reported back to the groups to share the learning.
Powerful questions bring our attention to more expansive and agile ways of approaching challenges. These types of questions can be used in peer coaching groups and provide a tool to stimulate out of the box thinking among all leaders within units and branches as they discuss challenging projects and initiatives.

The following books include examples of powerful questions for all leaders:

  • Change your Questions, Change your Lifeby Marilee Adams
  • How, Why How we do anything means Everythingby Dov Seidman
  • Leading with Questionsby Michael Marquardt
  • Community: The Structure of Belongingby Peter Block
The following, recently published, books are excellent examples of resources on this topic:

  • Own the Room by Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins
  • The 15 Commitment of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman & Kaley Warner Klemp
  • The Zen Leader by Ginny Whitelaw
  • What got you Here, Won’t get you There by Marshall Goldsmith

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