The Enabling Environment Assessment

The Enabling Environment for leadership development addresses the context in which leaders learn new behaviours and enhance their capacity to lead. The application of individual learning and the transfer of that learning to others in the organisation are dependent upon the context in which the learner works. A learner might have developed tremendous insights, new behaviours and enhanced capacity to lead but for that learning to be sustainable, the organisation’s HRM policies and practices, governance and accountability frameworks and practices, and organisational (or national) culture should be aligned to encourage the exercise and transfer of leadership capacity.

Cognizant of the fact that the realities of one’s work environment have a significant impact on a leader’s ability to apply lessons learnt, the Caribbean Leadership Project has designated resources to help address that issue. Specifically, the CLP commissioned an Action Research Roundtable with a specific focus on empirically examining the enabling environment in public sector organisations and regional institutions across the Caribbean. The main purpose of the research was to ascertain the extent to which Caribbean public-sector organisations and regional institutions have organisational environments that are engendering transformational leadership.

Based on this research, the CLP subsequently developed an Enabling Environment Assessment Tool to assess the organisational environment factors within the Caribbean public sector and regional institutions that enable the practice and development of leadership. Further, the CLP developed an Enabling Environment Toolkit, which provides a wide range of strategies and actions to help take public-sector organisations and regional institutions to a higher level in enabling transformation leaders.

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